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MacErin Equestrian Centre

I wish this was me, right now! What fun!

If you live near Lenox, Michigan and are looking for boarding stable, take a look at MacErin Equestrian Centre’s website!  

It might be the farm you are looking for!

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Everybody loves Twila Slavic and her Justamere Equestrian Centre!  If you are looking for a hunter jumper & dressage schooling show series, give hers a try this summer.  Here are the dates:2009 Show Dates
May 31st
June 21st
July 19th
August 16th
September 13th
October 25th

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There is an Equine Dressage Workshop at Rattle Run Farms (www.rattlerunfarms.com), in St. Clair, MI,  on March 21st from 10AM-4PM.   It is $75 to participate but only $5 to audit at the door.   Heated facility!  For more information:  http://rattlerunfarms.com/images/uploads/2009_RRF_EquineDressageWorkshop.pdf

Also, the Dressage Schooling Show dates are:  May 10, June 14, July 12, Sep. 13, and Oct 11th.

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Dana's Doodles

Dana's Doodles

Amy Lupek of Riding to Impress designated February as “No Stirrups Month.”   As of yesterday, only one person has fallen off.  I think that is such a great idea.  Good luck to all of Amy’s students!  

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On Sunday,  I will be at Riding To Impress farm with my sweatshirts and other goodies.  If you happen to make it out Amy’s farm, stop by my table!  I will be having great deals on my merchandise.

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Riding To Impress: Humor

The following comes from a gal I met at the Justamere Equestrian Centre horse show series.  You can find out more about Amy and her farm, Riding To Impress at www.ridingtoimpress.com
by: Amy Lupek

. You have personally taste-tested your horse’s treats

. Your idea of an “evening out” is a moonlit trail ride

. You have a picture of your horse in your purse/wallet

. You know your vet’s phone number by heart

. You shed hay and horse hair when getting undressed for the night

. You could probably scrape a flake of hay out of your dryer’s lint-trap

. You only leave home to go to work or the barn

. Collectively, your riding lessons cost more than your college tuition

. After barn chores, you go to work “to rest”

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Banquet season is in full swing!  On Friday, my husband and I attended the Wigs 4 Kids dinner and left our 15 month-old Henry with a bonafide babysitter for the first time.  I left early and raced home to get Henry only to find him having the time of his life with the babysitter and the other one-year-old in her care.   What could be cuter than two one-year-olds in footie pajamas?

On Saturday, my husband stayed home with the baby and Mom kept me company at the ASHAM banquet.     The ASHAM people are great folks and I got to see Jodi Higdon of Executive Farms for the first time since high school, when we were in the same 4-H club.   Now, she has two little kids that are the most patient children I’ve ever met.    I got a little carried away at the silent auction, though!   Above, you can see the gorgeous centerpiece I picked up.

If you are an ASHAM member or supporter, please check out the ASHAM merchandise I’ve created here.  For an order form, you can send a request to bauer.dana@gmail.com  The t-shirts are $7.98, sweats are $12.50 and hoodies are $15.  Plus shipping.

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